Fly Tandem

Tandem instruction is perfect for those who would like to try paragliding for the first time.

  • No experience necessary, you fly with a certified instructor!
  • No boat, no motors, no noise!
  • No jumping off a cliff!
  • Just run down the hill and fly like a bird!
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This exciting instructional introduction to paragliding allows you to soar with a USHPA-certified instructor and experience first-hand the joy of paragliding. After a brief orientation on the basics of paragliding, you and your instructor will be flying quiet and free over Maui!

  • Our most popular flight is the 3000ft decent.

Price $225.00

  • We also offer a 1000ft flight.

price $115.00

To fly tandem with one of our instructors you must be at least 12 years old, physically able to run, and weigh between 80 lbs and 230 lbs.

Some of our testimonials:

  • EarthXplorer Blog, Oct 17, 2011
  • Flying was awesome!…very good instructors…convinced me I should begin solo lessons
    — Thomas Mayer, Age 29, San Francisco, California
  • Just incredible…a spiritual experience…I’ll never forget
    — Bill Adams, Age 67, New Mexico
  • Like an out-of-body experience
    — Andrea Williamson, Age 34, Kihei, Maui, Hawai’i
  • I thought I would be scared, but it was so much fun!
    — Anna Wilson, Age 44, Austin, Texas

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