Flying Sites

Polipoli Flight Park

This is the main paragliding site on Maui and is managed by Proflyght Paragliding.

Located on the lee side of Mt. Haleakalā, it is protected from the trade winds and is flyable around 330 days a year.

The unique geography allows pilots to fly for about two to three hours in the morning until the clouds form.

Please read the Polipoli Flight Park rules

“Ferns” Launch
6,500 ft. MSL
3,000 ft. descent to Landing Zone

On good days you will be able to launch two or three times from Ferns before the clouds shut down the launch. On these flights you can expect to get lift at 300 fpm to 600 fpm.

“Echoes” Launch
4,500 ft. MSL
1,000 ft. to Landing Zone

Echoes is simply the top of our training hill. With a thousand feet of grass, and numerous top-landing spots, it is the perfect place to hone your skills. Cloud base is usually above the launch, so it’s possible to get multiple flights in one morning!

Other Maui Flying Sites

There are other flying sites on Maui that are maintained by local hang gliding and paragliding pilots not affiliated with Proflyght Paragliding.  Please visit their site to inquire about other flying sites.

Special Note about Flying from Haleakala Crater

At this time Haleakala Crater is closed to all flying. Pilots who attempt to launch from the crater risk being arrested. They also complicate the local club effort to establish an official flying site. Mahalo for your cooperation.