Visiting Pilots

Visiting Pilots will love flying on Maui and so will their families!

Are you tired of dragging your family to some remote mountain, only to have them watch you stare at a wind sock?

Here on Maui, that won’t happen!  Check out our flying sites!

You will do most of your flying in the morning. When you get back with “perm-a-grin” around 11:00 am, they will just be starting their exciting day on Maui.

So be a hero to your family, and suggest Maui as your next vacation destination. Please contact us to get more information.

Polipoli Flight Park Requirements

  • All pilots must have minimum P-2 rating or international equivalent.
  • All pilots must bring current rating card.
  • All pilots must complete site orientation.  Cost: $50
  • Site fee: $10/day, $30/month, $50/year
  • No tandem flying unless associated with Proflyght Paragliding.
  • No aerobatics.  Keep your wing over your head.
  • BEFORE visiting Maui, please clean out your equipment. In order to protect Maui’s unique and fragile environment, all visiting pilots are required to “clean out” their paragliding equipment before coming to Maui. Paragliding equipment that has not been cleaned out will not be welcome at our flying sites. Thank you for your help in keeping Maui unique and beautiful.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us before your visit so we can help you plan it!

Maui no ka oi – Maui is the best