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The "Double K" Flights

Quick Details

Person Ages 14 Years +

Double Your Paragliding Adventure With TWO Flights From Our Echos Launch


Your Double K adventure consists of two sequential flights from our lower Echos launch. Departing from our Landing Zone, we drive 5 minutes up through Kaonoulu Ranch pasture land to our Echos launch site at an elevation of 4500 feet. Your flight will last approximately 4 minutes as we descend 1000 feet back down to the Landing Zone. And the best part is now we get to drive back up and do it again!
During your first flight you’ll get the jitters out and realize how smooth and scenic paragliding over Maui can be. Then, on the second fight, you have the option of once again flying smoothly around the skies and enjoying the views of Maui’s Central Valley. Or, for those looking for some extra excitement, we can demonstrate some ‘roller coaster’ type maneuvers to get your adrenaline going.


  • No jumping off a cliff!
  • Just run down the hill and fly like a bird!
  • No motors! No noise!
  • All the fun you can handle!